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XeniaS Professional (Offline) – Hotel Management System / Hotel Booking System India

XeniaS Professional (Offline) – Hotel Management System

System Features:

The massive scale of operations by the Hotel Industry involves a very complex and sophisticated process of managing everything efficiently and effectively right from Room Inventory Management, Room Tariff Management, Room Reservation, Bill Generation, Offers, Restaurant Table Reservation, KOT Generation, etc. This is a mammoth task for any hotelier to execute alone. Here our Hotel Management Software comes to your rescue. The XeniaS Professional, a LAN supported Windows Application System is designed to manage and assist you with the various dimensions required for functioning of the Hotel Industry. There is an increasing need to adopt technology in the hospitality industry. Hotel operations are getting more sophisticated as newer aspects are coming under its purview. These increasing number of hotel operations can be made manageable and can provide rapid and real-time visibility into hotel functioning. The core feature of the management system is customization which works to provide the best services for your customer and build a robust and efficient operations of your hotel.

A customer should be able to conveniently select and book hotels as per their convenience. Our software’s Room Inventory Management provides with the most customer friendly experience. While you get the live status of your rooms stating if the room is ready for booking, it is under cleaning or if it is occupied. So, you know the exact status of rooms when you need. This comprehensive room inventory strategy will allow you to have better insights of when your rooms will be in higher demand and determine how room rates should fluctuate during those peak times. And peak season also brings higher competition, you have the option to include specials offers and discounts to the tariff plans which keeps you ahead of others.

For all the Room Reservation you and your guests get the Hotel Reservation Voucher where all the records are stored digitally, no more the need to keep the bulky and inefficient money receipts for the verification of payment and booking as all the data is available digitally.

You also get to keep the record of your guests which can be accessed anytime you need. This also allows you to rebook rooms for repeating guests with just a few clicks. The entire experience is hassle free for the customer from accommodation details and rates, availability of rooms as per budget and preference, request a change in dates subject to availability, or even make a cancellation.

Efficient hotel revenue management requires you to sell the right room to the right customer at the right time. Our software clearly helps to identify the various channels that need to be used to maximise bookings during a specific period of time, and also minimise the costs associated with achieving those bookings. All of these gets you the quick booking and billing experience letting you serve your valuable clients with ease.

This fully functional and extensive automation system manages your restaurant flawlessly covering Restaurant Table Reservation, KOT Generation and Restaurant Billing. Automated KOT, reduces the scope of manual mistakes, saves time, helps you to have real-time data of all the orders at your restaurant and eliminates monetary discrepancies. Even getting a table reserved can be quite challenging especially during peak hours and high demand periods, so digital facility enabling prior booking of tables for a schedule dinner, lunch, etc will be of great benefit.

In this highly competitive hospitality industry, every hotelier needs to have instant access to valuable data to make educated decisions about the health and success of their property. Easy accessibility of this valuable data through our Hotel Management software lets you conveniently lay your plans and future business decisions to beat the competitions every time. The process of accounting has indeed been a mundane task until the process becomes streamlined with the invention of billing and invoicing software. Reputable offline invoicing software like XeniaS Professional is extremely secure. Probably the greatest advantage that invoicing has is automation. This means that you can set-up periodic payments for regular clients. The automation system sends follow-ups and payment notices for approaching and past-due invoices. Automating these tasks saves you a ton of time and money and you can put emphasis on developing your business. Reduce expenses as you don’t have to pay anyone to do these administrative tasks for you.

The advantages of XeniaS Professional:

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