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Difference between VFX, CGI and SFX

Difference between VFX, CGI and SFX

Posted by TechnoDG on 7 month(s) ago .

If you watch movies, follow TV Ads, then you know the new age cinema and Ads have extensive use of VFX, CGI, and SFX. Now a days we listen to these buzzwords a lot. Let us understand the differences how the VFX, CGI, and SFX are related to visual effects in movies and other forms of visual media.

  1. Visual Effects (VFX) are any special effects added to a moving scene using a computer. VFX typically combines live-action footage and enhanced imagery to create realistic environments and characters. The main goal of VFX is to take something fake and make it look real with the help of computer. As like shooting in front of the green screen or holding a dummy object in green which later edited and replaced with a significant background or holding a real human face / an animal like tiger.
  2. Computer-Generated Imagery (CGI) specifically refers to the application of computer graphics to create or contribute to images in art, printed media, video games, films, television programs, commercials. It’s a subset of VFX. CGI can be used to create entire environments, characters, or even elements within a live-action shot. Example: Avatar movie was shot through CGI. It is what all about creating something which is non-existent as in the video games or mobile games, all road / characters are created using computer generated graphics.
  3. Special Effects (SFX) this term traditionally refers to effects that are created on set, often without the use of computers. This can include practical effects like explosions, prosthetic makeup and other physical elements.  SFX are often used in conjunction with VFX to create seamless and realistic scenes. As like in old days in Ramayana TV serials, the arrow effects or Shakti man spinning – all were SFX.


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