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‘InventOS’ Stock Management System

The ultimate task of Stock & Inventory management software is to allow business houses, wholesalers or retailers to track, store, sort and organize their stock levels accurately. Inventory Management Software can help these type of organizations to avoid problems of over-ordering and over-stocking.

An Inventory management system helps an organizations which deals with large amount of items and stocks to focus on the core business activities to enhance business. For small businesses and retailers it is definitely a great tool to have a clearer and more detailed information and control over the stock flow and management. A digitalized and automated inventory management surely helps a lot in streamlining the operations of your business and our InventOS-Stock management software does exactly that and more for you. InventOS is an offline desktop application which runs on windows computer and can be accessed from a single or multiple nodes as per your requirement. It is highly convenient, reliable and customizable and gets seamless support.

In this software of stock management the Requisition Generation is managed smartly where a requisition is generated from each department of your business so an admin can approve that requisition. The requested requisition can also be modified by the admin so he have better control on the stock flow reducing unnecessary loss or over ordering. After approval of the admin the stock is issued against the requisition to the concerned department. Requisition generation is also useful in a simple wholesalers or retail outlet for efficient stock management.

Our software covers all the elements and operations of stock management which includes features of Purchase Order, Standing Purchase Order and Direct Purchase Order. Maintain all records of goods or stock received and issued through Goods Receipt Note (GRN). Get an easy dashboard for Sale and Issue Management, Cost Centre Management and Loss Management.

To ensure accuracy of stock and reduction of waste or loss there is also the option of Physical Stock Match to manually count the stock and tally to have accurate figures and have exact figures to get accurate closing stock. Items are also recorded through bar code if that is available with the products.

Digitally maintained ledgers for sales and purchase are convenient and easily accessible. Our stock management software provides an automation system which gives insights into the flow of inventory with reliable data and statistics for sound decision making and control. The owner has access to various store registers from a single dashboard and a change made on his dashboard is immediately reflected in all the synched registers. With an automated stock management system you don’t to rely on your memory, it helps you in making better judgments and helps you to meet your customers’ demands appropriately. Removing mistakes of overstocking or understocking of any goods.

The advantages of InventOS:

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