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New Scam Alert – “Hello? Hello?...” and the call is cut, and here all your bank balance vanish in one go

New Scam Alert – “Hello? Hello?...” and the call is cut, and here all your bank balance vanish in one go

Posted by TechnoDG on 22 day(s) ago .

Have you been a victim of the new scam which is voice-calling scam, have you ever think of, how will one can copy your voice.

Your mobile display is on and it flashes an unknown number, you receive that call once and can't listen to it, cut the call again and again you can't listen to the opposite side and while doing this you express your frustration by saying what a bad network and in that process your voice already get to the hand of the scammer. These kind of hacking are very common now-a-days. You should be aware of this kind of upcoming unknown calls.

You will be amazed to know what hackers can do with this method. Lets get to know it precisely with an example- One day your family panickly called you asking in which hospital you are admitted to, or where are you now. And you shockingly answered what will happen to me, I am fine. Then they told you the whole story what has actually happened. And after listening the whole story you are shattered. It was the hacker, who did called to your family in your copied voice and asked them to tranfer money immediately in the number or account which the hacker gave to your family, as it was a sudden panic situation and after knowing that you are in a hospital and wanted money they send it to the hacker, by thinking that it was you.

Now you know, you become the victim of hacking, which is new in the market. Hackers are doing this kind of mishiefs with the help of AI. They do fake voice calling or copy voice for the purpose of kidnapping, theft, and trap innocent people. But have you ever think of how they get your exact voice copy.

Now you may doubt that from social media or reels video they might copy your voice, but no, from there they can't access your voice clearly. The real mischief is done by voice calling with your one “Hello”. They copy your hello and with the help of AI, they copy it exact on point. Even you wouldn't recognize that it isn't you.

These kind of AI software are made with Darkweb, where all kind of dark hacking take place. You should be aware of it, we can only give you a good advice that if you get an unknown voice call, firstly wait for them to say hello first, or say once hello. Don't say again and again hello if there is no response from the other side, just cut the call. And be careful with every step.


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