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Your number will be blocked within 2hours press 9... In the name of TRAI new scam has knocked the door

Your number will be blocked within 2hours press 9... In the name of TRAI new scam has knocked the door

Posted by TechnoDG on 22 day(s) ago .

There has been reported a new type of scams in which scammers are calling from the customer care automated process. The technique looks so real that the professionals might get confused. Even the name which are being used is also real i.e, TRAI – Telecom Regulatory Authority of India.


For Hindi press 1, for english press 2, your call is being forwarded by our customer care helpline service for training purpose your conversation may get recorded. You have already listened to this before, yes, here we are talking about customer care service. Normally upcoming calls from customer care service are at no risk. But now, you will be doubtful about these type of calls.

In a name of TRAI, this scams are happening. Automatic call will take place from opposite side, there will be a voice of the robot in which they will introduce themselves as TRAI after that they start threatening.

Within 2hours your number will get blocked, for further queries press 9.

Even if you have done your KYC there will be some fear. From other side there will be somene who will talk to you very politely, whether it is in hindi or english. They will say that police has ordered TRAI to block your number because of sending adult messages and unnecessary things by your number.

If you believe them, and asked how this happened after that they will tell to write an apology letter and will advise you to fill the KYC on video call. If you say yes, they will forward your number to the nearest police station. After that one guy will be in a police uniform looks real and also to look more real they will be using walkie talkie. Will showoff for real, its like top quality production.

After all this drama, they will start blackmailing. This method actually looks like the courier scam which happened last year and you should be aware of it, and know how to handle it.

TRAI doesnot call in this manner, no means no, telecom department doesnot have a requirement to call you, if its necessary they will drop one message, but wouldnot call. If any call appears on your phone saying that they are from customer care service. Just cut and block it. Now you know how to handle it. Be aware as much as possible. Scammers are everywhere now! Be safe.

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