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    1. Artificial Intelligence – Positive Impact in Todays Life
    2. Why Cyber Security is important in today's life
    3. Artificial Intelligence – Negative Impact in Todays Life
    4. Google knows you better than you know yourself
    5. Impact of YouTube in Today’s World
    6. Digital Trust in Technology
    7. How “Robotic Process Automation” is impacting today’s life
    8. What’s Trending in Web Development 2023?
    9. Why digital trust is important for the digital services?
    10. Negative Impact of YouTube In today’s World
    11. What is edge-computing?
    12. Internet of Things (IoT)
    13. About the buzzword named “DevOps”
    14. Cloud Computing
    15. Augmented Reality
    16. Future of Artificial Intelligence (AI)
    17. 5G status in India
    18. How Technology is changing the HealthCare Industry
    19. Need of Automation in Today’s World
    20. Brain computer assistance
    21. Smart Devices in Today’s Life
    22. Role of Biometrics
    23. Blockchain
    24. Replaceable battery in Smartphones is coming back
    25. Difference between VFX, CGI and SFX
    26. After DTH, it is DTM (Direct to Mobile) TV on Phone without Internet coming soon
    27. 3D Printing (A New Innovation)
    28. Government’s initiative on emergency mobile alert system
    29. Constant Evolving Cyber Security
    30. Aadhar Enabled Payment System (AEPS)
    31. Impact of smartphones on TV market
    32. Current Situation of IT Sector in India
    33. How Virtualization is changing Automation
    34. Natural Language Processing
    35. Apple considered switching to DuckDuckGo from Google for Safari
    36. How smartwatches have made our life easier
    37. Difference between Flagship phones and non-flagship phones
    38. Be safe from Dark Web
    39. Digital Transformation
    40. Use of drone to transportation in medical, commercial, utility sector
    41. Difference between Edge Computing and Fog Computing
    42. Additive Manufacturing
    43. Biometric - Attendance Management System
    44. Importance of IT sector in today’s world
    45. End of Work from Home [WFH] Era
    46. Top 5 Upcoming Technology
    47. Apple introduces new Apple Pencil with USB-C charging
    48. Smarter Devices
    49. Reliance Jio demonstrates its satellite- based gigabit internet in India
    50. Tata to make iPhones in India for local and global markets, Indian IT minister confirms
    51. Encryption and Decryption
    52. Futuristic Mobile Phones
    53. Bridging the Digital and Physical World
    54. How Google Maps solved India’s street name problem; Former employee explains
    55. Strategic Technology Trends – How they impact business goals.
    56. Why Google has paid a hefty sum to Apple to be in Search engine
    57. Meta launches AI based video editing tools
    58. OpenAI [known for ChatGPT] co-founder Sam Altman was fired last week, then almost rehired over the weekend
    59. Breakthrough Progress in Hologram Technology
    60. India’s government has issued a warning to social media giants Facebook and YouTube, to enforce rules against spread of deepfakes.
    61. The Action taken by Countries other than India against Deepfakes
    62. Governments’ initiative with Gajraj AI to save Elephant hit by trains
    63. Inactive Google accounts to be deleted from 1st of Dec 2023
    64. The VoLTE age is over, get ready for Vo5G
    65. YouTube launched Brand Connect and Podcast Features for creators in India
    66. Bluetooth scam
    67. Google Maps is changing in India
    68. Use of technology in cricket is getting advanced
    69. WhatsApp to end providing free google drive storage for photos videos and chat history
    70. Google Chrome tests blocking third party cookies
    71. Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO)
    72. AI advancements will drive even more energy usage
    73. Best “Wear OS” apps to install on your smartwatch in 2024
    74. Open AI trying to breach privacy – Reported by Garante
    75. Not Chasing DSLRs anymore, now smartphones are giving a huge competition in terms of good quality pictures and videos
    76. India shipments tops in smartphones selling
    77. An important news for all the Paytm users
    78. Another milestone for Indian payment system UPI
    79. Be Aware of Visa Scams
    80. Google Chrome Users should be aware of the new vulnerabilities
    81. Online Doctor Appointment Management System
    82. Sam Altman (Founder of OpenAI) is all set to comeback with his new initiative to the Tech industry
    83. OpenAI is introducing a new personal memory feature for ChatGPT
    84. Gemini AI image generator has been stopped temporarily by Google over inaccurate results
    85. India will play an important role in helping make sure AI is built responsibly
    86. Meta and LG announce collaboration to create advanced XR Technologies
    87. Collaboration between this companies to lead the digital transformation of the media and entertainment industry
    88. Tumblr and WordPress, both popular platforms, are reportedly selling user data to two AI giants
    89. AI models are well-crafted, leading to more accurate and relevant outputs than humans
    90. Meta sues former ‘disloyal’ executive, accused of stealing important documents
    91. Google had pledged $26.98 million to help people in Europe learn to use AI
    92. To cement its supremacy over the AI sector, Nvidia has unveiled its flagship AI chip
    93. By breaking language barriers, and ensuring equal users for all access through Universal Acceptance
    94. Microsoft asserts that customer data is not used for training models without permission and is not shared with third parties
    95. The lawsuit accuses Apple of abusing its power by restricting access to its hardware and software
    96. A class-action lawsuit settlement between google and users who claimed Google tracked their browsing activity even in “incognito mode”
    97. Small AI models like Phi-3 are gaining traction for their cost-effectiveness and suitability for personal devices, offering optimal performance without compromising on functionality
    98. New Scam Alert – “Hello? Hello?...” and the call is cut, and here all your bank balance vanish in one go
    99. Your number will be blocked within 2hours press 9... In the name of TRAI new scam has knocked the door
    100. Photos in Google Library are been unmanageable
    101. Disadvantages of Free SSL vs Advantages of Paid SSL (Secure Sockets Layer)
    102. The Northern Lights effect on Technology
    103. The transformative power of AI in the hospitality industry
    104. Tech companies are firing their employees due to its technological advances
    105. USA aims to stay ahead with China in the realm of Artificial Intelligence (AI)
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