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Meta launches AI based video editing tools

Meta launches AI based video editing tools

Posted by TechnoDG on 4 month(s) ago .

Meta has launched two new AI-based features for video editing that could be used for posting to Instagram or Facebook. The new features are called Emu Video and Emu Edit. Emu video is a tool that generates short movie clips based on a text description. Emu Edit is a video editing tool that uses AI to make quick edits a breeze. The tool can generate videos with different themes, such as travel, food, and fashion. The user can choose from a variety of templates and customize the video by adding music, text, and filters. The tool is available on both Instagram and Facebook.

AI video editing tools use advanced algorithms to automate different steps in the video editing processes, including objection detection and tracking as well as video improvement and stabilization. They can decipher and interpret video material, identify particular people or objects, clean up flaws, and even create lifelike visual effects.

The algorithms used in AI video editing tools are based on machine learning and deep learning techniques. These techniques allow the software to learn from large amounts of data and improve its performance over time.

Some of the best AI Video Tools to try in 2023 are:

Adobe Premiere Pro

Topaz Video AI




Lumen 5

Starry AI

These are just a few example but there are more you can try. With time there will be other improved and updated AI video tools coming up which will bring a tough competition.   

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