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India is the second largest producer of tea after China and the largest consumer of tea in the world. India alone produces about 32 percent of the total tea production across the world and therefore holds a very prominent place in the Indian economy. In India the tea trading in done in two ways in the domestic market, by way of Auction and Private Selling. These auctions are carried out by the various auction centres across the nation and one of the major auction centre is Siliguri, where Bulk trading is done through the auctions held in this centre. As the contribution of tea industry in the Indian economy is pretty evident it is also is growing gradually and is most likely to keep the trend. As the business grows the need for evolving and introducing modern trends into the tea business is also growing and this is why there is a need for adopting newer technologies and online solutions for several business activities involved here. This is where our years of experience in serving various tea and agro business comes to consideration.

We are actively engaged in providing online and offline solutions to various renowned companies. Some of our solution that are being used in the tea industry are Auction Automation system, this online automation of your auctioning business can take care of all the activities or processes involved in this business and conduct online auctions. Other services enhancing the business for various companies are E-commerce website, Content Management System and many more services and application ready to take your business to the next level and help your business to grow. Beside the afore mentioned services if there is any specific need of module or service that we are currently not offering, we can certainly develop it for you on your request.

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