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Google Chrome tests blocking third party cookies

Google Chrome tests blocking third party cookies

Posted by Techno Developers Group on 12 day(s) ago .

Google has initiated tests in its Chrome browser to disable third-party cookies. This feature will initially be available to 1% of Chrome users across the globe. The feature is aimed at limiting cross-site tracking by restricting website access to third-party cookies by default. Google plans to phase out third-party cookies for everyone in the second half of 2024, subject to addressing any remaining competition concerns from the UK’s Competition and Markets Authority.

This move is part of Google’s Privacy Sandbox initiative to improve privacy on the web. Rivals such as Apple’s Safari and Mozilla Firebox already include options to block third-party cookies. Google’s Chrome is the world’s most popular internet browser.

Blocking third-party cookies will prevent websites from placing any cookies related to a third-party server on your device. This means they cannot track your online activity to deliver their services, like advertisements. As per news article, randomly-chosen Chrome users will be asked if they want to “browse with more privacy”.

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