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Smarter Devices

Smarter Devices

Posted by TechnoDG on 4 month(s) ago .

Artificial intelligence has played an essential role in making our world smarter and smoother. It is not just simulating humans but going the extra mile to make our lives hassle-free and simpler. These smarter devices are here to stay in 2024 and even further, as data scientists are working on AI home robots, appliances, work devices, wearables, and so much more! Almost every job needs smart software applications to make our work life more manageable. Smarter devices are another addition to the IT industry that is of high requirement and demand as more companies transform into digital spaces. Almost every higher-level job requires good IT and automation proficiency to thrive.

Here are some examples of smart devices:

1. Smart Speakers- These are Wi-Fi enabled speakers that come with a virtual assistant that is programmed to respond to your voice. Smart speakers can answer your questions on various topics, tell you the news, traffic, and weather, and play games with your kids. Nowadays smart speakers has a vast reach commercially, due to the UPI payment method which is in use at every corner in India. This digital India campaign made it possible for small to smaller vendors even street food sellers to integrate the smart speakers with their UPI QR Code to receive payments. 

2. Smart Locks- These are Wi-Fi enabled locks that allow you to locks that allow you to lock or unlock your door remotely through their companion app or virtual assistants like Alexa and Google Assistant.

3. Smart Cars- These cars come with advanced features like self-driving capabilities, voice recognition systems, GPS navigation systems, etc.

These are just a few examples there are many more smart devices available. Day by day smart devices are becoming an important part in our life.  

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