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Inactive Google accounts to be deleted from 1st of Dec 2023

Inactive Google accounts to be deleted from 1st of Dec 2023

Posted by TechnoDG on 4 month(s) ago .

Google has announced that it will start deleting unused accounts starting Dec 1, 2023. This includes Gmail, Drive, Photos, and other Google services. An account is considered inactive if it has not been signed into or used within a two-year period. Google will take a step by step approach, starting with accounts that were created long time back and remained unused.

The tech giants also said that these forgotten and neglected old accounts are more vulnerable and risky because of having outdated passwords, lack two- factor authentication, and receive fewer security checks, making them easy targets for hackers. If somehow the account get abused, it can be used for anything from identity theft to malicious account spam. These reasons are enough for the tech giants to take this very necessary steps to protect the google accounts.

To keep your account active, simply signing into an account or sending an email should be enough. If you any rarely used free Google accounts, it is recommended that you log in periodically to keep them active.

It has also been warned by Google that people need to primarily sign in to Google photos every two years to be considered as an active users, which will make sure your photos and other content are not deleted. It has also been said if Google accounts created for someone by their work or school will be unaffected by the deletion policy.

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