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Tumblr and WordPress, both popular platforms, are reportedly selling user data to two AI giants

Tumblr and WordPress, both popular platforms, are reportedly selling user data to two AI giants

Posted by TechnoDG on 30 day(s) ago .

OpenAI (known for ChatGPT) and Midjourney (a text-to-image generator). These AI companies aim to enhance their large language models by using content-rich sources without violating copyright. However, the deal has complications, including private posts, deleted blog content, and third-party material.

Users will have the option to opt out of their data being used for AI training. To opt out of having your data used for AI training, follow these steps:

1. Tumblr:

Visit your account settings on Tumblr.

Look for an option related to data usage or privacy preferences.

There, you should find a setting to disable data sharing with third parties like AI companies.

2. WordPress:

If you’re using a self-hosted WordPress site, check your site settings or privacy settings.

Look for a section related to data sharing or third-party access.

You may find an option to opt out of sharing data with AI providers.

Remember to review the specific settings on each platform to ensure your preferences are respected.

The mechanism to opt-out of data sharing is also somewhat unclear. While the company stated in the post that the AI firms will respect the opt-out settings and even remove the past content from users who have newly opted out. AI is rapidly transforming nearly every aspect of our world, including the way we create and consume content.

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