Library Management System

Library Management System

A Library Management System also known as LMS, manages the resources in a library. It maintains up-to-date information and thus helps librarians in easier maintenance of their library. It also increases efficiency, saves valuable administration time and lead to a better educational experience. Using a web-based software for the library, the librarian can handle basic housekeeping functions such as storing all the library item details like author name, edition, price, vendor, publisher, etc. of all the books in a library database. It helps to provide information on any book present in the library to the user. Our Library Management System keeps a track on all the books that are issued, returned and added to the library at any given time and also oversees fee collection and fine issued to late return on the books.

The latest technology used in this web application software enables better services for the user and with customizable interface there is the possibility of better engagement with the users. It offers a high end security feature for the enhanced online system. With online access to data and easy data entry feature, cataloging of the books, magazines and other print materials becomes faster and accurate.

The library automation system enables creation of students profile, teacher or staff profile and also includes issuing of Individual's Library Card. This automates the history of every member and also keeps track of materials issued and returned by the member. Taking the automation of your library further, our web application software has the feature of bar-code printing & reading facility thus enables convenient tracking of all the materials that are in the library or with the user. This exceedingly convenient and secure Library Management System is backed by our experienced support team for your library staff who are used to the traditional methods of handling the library. Work of the library staff gets smoother and even the work of tracking different modules in the software can be divided among the staff for better control.

The data on the system is stored in a simple format for easy access and understanding of the various reports associated with the library which are of great help for the library staff. Having Library Management System in your educational institute helps you further in better decision making about what sort of materials need to be stocked or enhanced. Overall having our Library Management System serves for an efficient, user-friendly, fast and secure library management for any school, college, educational institute or a standalone library.

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