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Use of technology in cricket is getting advanced

Use of technology in cricket is getting advanced

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There has been introduced Electra Stumps in the Big Bash League to attract spectators. The Electra Stumps are a new type of cricket stumps that feature an LED setup. They are equipped with lights that illuminate in five different color patterns to signal different events during a cricket match.

The Electra Stumps light up in five different color patterns during the following events in a match.

1. Dismissal: In case a wicket falls, all three stumps will flash red and then fire.

2. Fours: When a player hits a boundary, the lights on the stumps change color one after another. It shifts from purple to green, and so on.

3. Sixes: When a batter slams a maximum, colors run from bottom to top. It scrolls rapidly as they move up.

4. No ball: When a bowler oversteps, the stumps turn red and white in alternating up and down motion. It is later accompanied by a loudspeaker siren, indicating a no-ball.

5. Between overs: When the players switch ends in between overs, the stumps light up in pulsating blue and purple colors.

The Electra Stumps are designed to provide spectators, both on and off the field, with better visual cues during a match. It is also expected to make watching matches more engaging, adding an extra layer of excitement to the game. The Electra Stumps were initially used in Women’s Big Bash League and featured for the first time in a men’s game during a BBL 2023-24 match between Adelaide Strikers and Sydney Cricket Ground (SCG) on December 22, 2023. If the innovation finds widespread adoption in the game, Electra Stumps could eventually replace the trademark red and white stumps and traditional wooden stumps in various cricket leagues across the globe.  

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