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Managing time and tracking attendance manually is a frustrating activity known only to a Business Owner, Manager or a Payroll Manager. Yes Sir - Attendance Management Software records time and attendance details from fingerprint biometric devices or other time keeping devices to manage employee time and productivity efficiently. Over a period from the age of industrialization to today’s Internet world, time & attendance still remains a critical function & even concern for every HR. Thanks to the Yes Sir - Attendance Management System, clients have achieved 100% peace of mind in terms of recording employee's attendance and time records.

The software has different features to check all aspect of employees time management including – log in, log out, late coming, early going, leave management, overtime and more. Yes Sir - Attendance Management System is a very advanced time management system built on latest technologies that can provide various analytical reports. In one word this is a 'must software' for any office or business to be on the path of growth.

Advantage of Attendance Management System

  • Yes Sir - Attendance Management System helps cutting down administrative time
  • The software can eliminate human error while calculating time
  • The software can monitor and analyze absence to reduce loss
  • Yes Sir - Attendance Management System can improve organizational efficiency
  • The software can be integrated with Payroll Management System for further processing
  • Calculation of leaves is just a click away
  • Minimum working hours, Half day rules, early exit rules can be feed in the system
  • Manage multiple check in - check out, duty hour calculation
  • Manage Grace Time / Late / Haft day / Extra Work Day or Hours
  • Strike Day Management
  • CL / SL / EL or PL / Restricted Holidays
  • Employee Management – Part Time employee attendance/ Enable-Disable
  • The Attendance Management System can provide multiple reports as per your need

Features of the Software

  • Registration of the employees is a easy process.
  • Unique User Id with the system and the biometric machine
  • Attendance Management System will read the log from the biometric machines [Optional]
  • Multiple user id with finger impression (if required) for a single employee
  • LAN connected biometric machines [Optional]
  • Reload log, synchronization with the system if there is any network problem or no network
  • Clearing of machine logs after synchronization with the software
  • Invalid entries management - Odd number of entries are checked to found if anyone missed to touch the biometric device
  • Office Tour entry
  • Report at client side – manual entry
  • Option to enter the log in, log out details manually (helpful for out station work & missed entries)
  • HR / Admin can view/edit data
  • Leave calculations
  • Holiday calculations
  • Rotational Off day calculations
  • Shift Management - Cross Day Shift management, cross day attendance records
  • Total hours checking using logs of particular employee or a group of employees
  • Raw Logs & Automated Duty Hours calculation based on multiple check in check out
  • Early exit penalty
  • With Out Pay Leaves calculation
  • Auto-archive attendance records
  • Monthly, Yearly reports, Daily Reports generation
  • Separate Admin & User Login
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