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Manual Inclusion or manual submission or Organic Submission of websites in Search Engines - Search engine submission itself is the key to a successful project. Search Engines have their own specific categories and classifications, our experts go through each text and submit the key words in the engines. From time to time these Engines change their database structure, they also add or remove categories from their database. The time between submitting URL (websites) and getting it into the search engines database varies from 7 or 10 days, some need a fortnight and others need 4 to 5 months. We ensure up to date and correct engine data. Our frequency of updating the search engine data files is close to twice a month. After each submission is complete, it will display a final report screen in either HTML or ASCII text file format, showing which engines have accepted the submission and which have not. We re - submit the data to the unsuccessful engines, making sure that we always get the best exposure available on the website. Web promotion also includes maintenance of your position in these Engines.

We have a Variety of SEO Packages based upon number of pages to be submitted. Our Organic submission team normally make research work on less competitive keywords, medium competitive keywords and high targeted keywords to suit the different needs of different customers. We have already offered Search Engine Optimization and Promotion Services to a number of companies in India and abroad.

The Process of SEO essentially includes:

Phase Details
Analytical Phase / Offline Phase Keyword Selection: [based on the current keyword trend, market trend]
Detailed website analysis:[through check of the website to find our each and every loophole]
Site Structure Check:[site structure checking to find out the way to normalize the structure]
Content Analysis:[content analysis done as per the keyword selection, market scope, business type]
Website Speed Test: [loading time of a website is checked and steps taken]
Broken link / Page error analysis: [broken links, page error checked and rectified]
Duplicate content check: [content is thoroughly check to avoid duplicity, to prevent blockage]
Google Analytics set up & review:[Google analytics account set up, checked at regular basis]
Site indexing, Redirecting issues: [site indexing in search engines are check at regular basis]
Google/Bing/Yahoo webmaster setup & review: [webmaster account created for URL redirection, parameter passing, preview any blockage]
Search Engine Optimization Strategy: [Strategy is prepared before proceeding to reach the goal]
On Page SEO Phase W3C Validation: [w3C validation checking, if required for the compliancy required changes are made]
Robots.txt creation: [robot.txt is created to block or to allow the search robots to specified pages]
XML Sitemap creation: [sitemap generated for feeding the page list to search engines]
Page Title: [page title checking, defined as per the standard guidelines for submission]
Meta Tags Optimization: [pages have been optimized with meta tags like meta keywords, meta description, Total Tags to maintaining consistency with the page content]
Redirection: [Permanent redirection is used as per search engine guideline for proper indexing]
Image optimization: [images are optimized in size, name, 'alt' tag is used]
H1/H2 tag placement: [H1/H2 tag placement are use for proper methodical indexing]
Alt Tag: [alt tag is used for images, links]
Off Page SEO Phase Link Development: [website submitted to link directories for proper link back]
Article Promotion: [Article is created and submitted to the article websites, content sharing websites for broad spectrum search holding]
Press Release: [Creating unique Press releases for better brand visibility & traffic - but the company needs to send new update on product, service, marketing or something and submitting or Publishing each press release in PR distribution sites] *
Submission in google/yahoo/ bing: [website submission to the search engines]
Directory Submission: [submission of the website to business directory websites]
Meta Search Engine: [ Submission of the website to the Meta Search Engines]
Youtube Video Promotion: [Youtube account is set us and promotional video has been posted with proper keyword] *
Status Checking: [Weekly Twice status has bee checked for positioning of the website, if need action has been taken properly]
Reporting: [monthly report has been generated and forwarded to the respected client]
Location Marking: [Location marking will be done in Google Maps and Bing, Need Landline Phone Numbers for verification]
Support: [Email, Phone]
Cost (INR): Rs.25000.00 (per campaign)
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  1. Maximum 25 links/pages will be submitted manually, other pages will be crawled automatically.
  2. SEO does not provide any security or guarantee to list your website/s at the top of search queries. It is a method of valid, logical, legal way of promoting the domains.
  3. Maximum 1 article of 400 words will be created in a single span for submission
  4. On Page optimization will be done in First Month followed by further regular updations throughout the SEO process.
  5. Amount of “Off Page” work mentioned above will be followed from Second Month onwards.
  6. All above SEO services will be applied in 100% ethical manner compliant with Google guidelines.
  7. All the submissions will be done manually and in relevant categories only.
  8. Monthly Work reports will be provided to the client to show site's progress
  9. The above quotes and strategy may vary as per the site type, structure, competition on the keywords and targeted visitors.
  10. For submission processes, we would be accountable for submissions only. Detailed report will be provided.
  11. For dynamic sites RSS feed need to be provided by the client only.
  12. For optimizing website structure and navigation, we would provide complete recommendations however implementation needs to be done at client's developer site
  13. No hidden cost involved.


Web Site Promotion entails search engine submissions, strategic links, banner ads, opt-in email, client retention marketing, affiliate programs, press releases, sponsorships, strategic domain purchasing and much more.
Traffic you receive from search engines is already targeted. Visitors arriving at your site from search engines have entered a keyword relevant to your site, so they are already interested in your product or service. This is the best source of potential customers you can have. Search engines are free to users and users know where and how to use them. Search engines are the number one way where users find new sites. Surveys show that over 85% of users rely on search engines to locate information on the Web.
META tags are a very important HTML component if you wish to achieve good search engine performance. META tags provide these search engines with the title, description, and keywords of each page on your site.
Yes. These tags help search engines with placement. Without these tags, your site would not rank nearly as well.
We constantly improve the list of search engines, directories and other sites that we submit to. This involves appending and deleting sites from the list regularly. We will always submit your site to the most popular search engines and directories.
Your pages must be built properly and they must be registered in various search engines, directories and link lists, in order to have maximum exposure. When we design a site, we carefully consider how to best maximize it's visibility to the search engines, crawlers, spiders and robots. We use special wording and keywords in the page title, page text and in special tags within the HTML code, which aren't visible to humans reading the page. These, and other techniques we employ, assist the automatic search routines of the crawlers, spiders and robots, such as those used by MSN, to get your site listed properly. In addition, we provide a promotion service which will get your site or page registered in hundreds of search engines, link lists, directories.
No. Realistically, no provider can really guarantee hits to any page, and we won't make that promise in order to sell you our services. We understand the web and how to best promote sites. We also understand how searches are done by the major search engines, link lists and directories and we endeavor to stay current with their ever changing methods. The search engines, link lists and directories, however, control how information is indexed and presented to users and their methods, as well as their databases, are constantly changing. So, even though a well ran promotion may produce additional traffic in the short term, there is no way to guarantee that level of traffic to continue or increase.
You will notice immediate results from the promotion, because many of the search engines will dispatch crawlers, robots and spiders to your site immediately. In general, however, the average time between the promotion and seeing your listing is approximately 6-8 weeks and it varies.

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