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Photos in Google Library are been unmanageable

Photos in Google Library are been unmanageable

Posted by TechnoDG on 17 day(s) ago .

As someone who has been using Google Photos for quite some time, I can certainly relate to the challenge of managing a large photo library. Let's delve into the issue and explore some potential solutions:

The Problems: Years of Accumulated Photos

Google Photos, which launched in May 2015, has become an essential service for many users. Automatic backups, cross-device accessibility, and powerful search features make it incredibly convenient. However, as our photo collections grow, managing them becomes increasingly difficult.

We've personally uploaded over a thousand of images this year alone, and I'm sure many others have similarly dense libraries. Whether it's photo taken with our phones, mirrorless cameras, or even old family pictures, Google Photos aims to consolidate everything in one place. But with time, the sheer volume of images can become overwhelming.

Google Photos offers search functionality to help users find specific photos. You can narrow down results by year, month, location, and even search for people and pets. However the search, isn't always perfect. For instance, if you search for “Pixel 6”, you might get images taken on other Pixel phones with a “6” somewhere in the metadata. It's tricky to filter results to just images from a particular camera model.

Potential Solutions

Here are a couple of ways Google Photos could improve the management experience:

  1. Manual Tags (and Probably AI): Adding tags could be a low-tech solution. Users could manually tag photos with relevant keywords, making them easier to find. Additonally, Google could enhance its AI capabilities to automatically tag images based on contemt, location and other factors.

  2. Better File Management: Google could introduce more robust file management featurs. For example, Android 12 now allows apps to request blanket permissions to modify, delete, and move files. Implementing such features in Google Photos could help users organize their libraries more effectively.

While Google Photos remains an invaluable service, addressing the challenges of large photo libraries is essential. Whether through manual tags, improved search, or better file management, finding a balance between convenience and organization will benefit all users.

Remember it's okay to take a momemnt to declutter yor photo collection and cherish the memories that matter the most.

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