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What is edge-computing?

What is edge-computing?

Posted by TechnoDG on 7 month(s) ago .

Edge computing is a distributed information technology (IT) architecture in which client data is processed at the periphery of the network, as close to the originating source as possible.

Data is the lifeblood of modern business, providing valuable business insight and supporting real-time control over critical business processes and operations.

In simple terms, edge computing moves some portion of storage and compute resources out of the central data center and close to the data itself. Another example of edge computing device is in the area of security, particularly worker safety. Data from devices such as onsite cameras, safety devices, and sensors. This ensures that there is no unauthorized access to the site and monitors the safety policies followed by employees.

The features of edge computing technology offers fast data processing and analysis, fast response speed enabling real-time services. It provides users with a variety of fast response services, especially in automatic driving intelligent manufacturing, video monitoring, and other location awareness.

The primary purpose of edge computing is it allows devices in remote locations to process data at the “edge” of the network, either by the device or a local server.

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