XeniaS ERP (Offline) – Hotel Management System

XeniaS ERP (Offline) – Hotel Management System

System Features:

Hospitality Industry is known to possess diversified features and operations and hoteliers are trying to personalize the guest experience as much as possible. In this regard the technological revolution has definitely offered an influential support and has been changing the hospitality scene at an accelerated rate. Hotel ERP system is a crucial tool for the hotel industry today. This automation system helps in bringing a simplified coordination and synchronization of all the departments of your hotel. The efficiency of all the department and the productivity of your staff increases effectively once everything gets automated.

To help you to take advantages of the opportunities existing in the market and exploit the benefits, Xenias ERP, our Hotel Automation Software lets you do exactly that. It is quick, reliable, robust and future proof with constant support and scope for improvements.

This system effortlessly manages the complicated and vast work of managing the inventory at all scales of hotel which is managed from our simplified and definitive dashboard. On the dashboard all the department’s features and controls are displayed, also containing the room type, total numbers of rooms and status of available or booked rooms for next seven days.

Room tariff and pricing is the core of this business which needs to be maintained dynamically. And our software’s adaptability helps you to create the perfect pricing strategy. This is a tool which gives you the choice to revise room rates according to the changing market scenarios and peak seasons so you get a dynamic offer management option. Room rates for booked rooms can also be modified, so you get to make your repeated guests feel special.

The Room Booking System helps to record the advance bookings, walk-In bookings and channel bookings efficiently and speedily in the system. Add the required details of the guests, unique Booking ID gets generated with each booking which is stored in the database for future references. After making the booking the guest’s details can still be modified in case any error has occurred during check-in.

Our systematic booking system provides Hotel Reservation Voucher which acts as a tool in written, stating important points of agreement like guest name, arrival-departure date, number of guest staying, room rate, type of room booked, number of rooms, details of deposit made, package details and any more details that you may need. This feature makes your guest management highly efficient and dependable.

The Xenias ERP assist you in making bills for your guests as per their convenience where they can have one detailed bill of all the services, they availed or separate bills for different range of services. The Food and Beverages bills can be generated in the F&B department or restaurant or can be billed to rooms whichever your guests prefer. All the bill includes the predefined taxes or manually input taxes according to the services. All the unsettled bills are shown on the dashboard so you get quick access to it, making the checkout process simpler and faster.

Hotel Automation Software covers all the operations of the restaurant that is in your hotel. Our software has an efficient and simplified Restaurant Table Reservation, automated KOT for handling order with reduced scope for manual mistakes and eliminates monetary discrepancies. If your restaurant has a Bar, this software takes care of that too, very efficiently. A Bar Order Token can be generated for the Bar counters or it can be included with the KOT.

The billing of the restaurant can be managed separately in the Restaurant so it makes this process simpler. You can manage bills for the restaurant, bar and for the guests in the hotels. The guests staying in the hotel can choose to settle their Food and Beverages bill in the restaurant or it can be billed to room for final settlement at check-out.

Room service is also included within the system for Food and Beverages department, guests gets their foods delivered in the rooms which can be billed in the final bills by Bill to Room option.

Housekeeping gets seamless integration in this system where the Housekeeping Supervisor can update live status of the rooms that are dirty, being cleaned or are done cleaning. This feature allows to update your guests of their room status.

Not only regular hotel operations but the feature of Travel Desk is also included here. Make your guest feel the ease of managing their trip by offering a convenient service of Travel Desk for them. Often, we see that the Travel Desk manages to provide offers or special deals on various activities and experiences locally. This in turn builds an instant rapport with the guests and develops the necessary goodwill of your hotel.

If your hotel has a banquet and its management and booking has been a complicated task for you, no need to worry anymore. Xenias ERP for your hotel will cover this task as well and it will no more be a trouble for you. It can flawlessly manage dynamic tariff for the banquet, advance reservation with date and approximate number of guests can be recorded. A Reservation receipt also gets generated, copy of which can be printed for the clients.

Automation of your hotel gives you a highly synchronized and easy data accessibility of the various departments of your hotel. Reports of all this operation can be recorded and accessed whenever you need to ensure that the business operates at its optimum level. Maintaining a record of your regular customers can help you to save, change, manage, and modify all the data of your guests while securely saving the data over the servers. This helps you to provide best possible service, ensuring happy guest and loyal customers. The hectic job of accounting and cost management also gets simplified with our ERP system.

Automation also saves you a ton of time and money and you can put emphasis on developing your business. So, add the productivity and speed of a smooth ERP solution to your hotel business and witness a growth like never before. And also provide your customers a seamless and pleasant experience of your hospitality and make your life easier.

The advantages of XeniaS ERP:

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